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There are more and more distance learning services, but it not necessarily come with more interesting offer. In this brief post I would like to outline what you have to check before signing up to the course. Let’s get right into it!

Author and presenter of the course

The level of expertise of course’s author is crucial in order to get the most accurate knowledge. In this case it is good if the course has some institution (like university or company) branding. These courses usually have better quality than others. Of course that’s not a necessary condition and sometimes content which is made by a small group of passionate people can outgo these made by an university. The general rule is simple:

Google the author of the course.


The duration of the course in weeks or hours is important for you to successfully complete the course. Remember also to check if you have to complete some parts of the course weekly, if there are any weekly or daily assignments. Think about how much time do you have and this course run will affect your day, week or time in general. How much time and how often do you want to learn? Planning is the best way to complete your course on time (or even at all).

Plan your course.


This is the most fragile issue when it comes to online courses. Some of them are free, some very cheap, moderate and extremely pricey. Check carefully if there are something simillar in better price. In a few cases you can apply for a price reduction (edX), scholarship (Udacity) or financial aid (Coursera). You can find also discount codes for Udemy courses.

Check if chosen offer is the best price/quality option.

Reason to take it

Motivation is the most important of the listed factors. Without it you won’t be able to start, participate and finally successfully complete the course. Ask yourself one extremely important question: Why do want to do this? Why are you interested in this? What benefits you can possibly gain?

Ask yourself: why do you do it?

I’m not sure…
If you are in doubt which course to take, look for help. You can find many community boards where you can ask for help in choosing the right offer for you. Remember that some members of this community are also creators of the content. Be sure that provided information is accurate and reliable. You can also always ask here in the comment section or send me messages though my social media.

When in doubt… ask!

What factors do you take into account when searching for online courses? Let me know and drop a line!

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