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Codecademy is an interactive platform that offers free coding classes. On Codecademy you can take course in a few different programming languages:

  • HTML and CSS,
  • Python,
  • JavaScript,
  • Java,
  • SQL,
  • Bash/Shell,
  • Ruby.

What type of content is offered?

Codecademy is a online tool that you can use to learn progamming. Interface is very friendly accessible through desktop browser. You can choose your course by two criteria: by topic and by programming language. There are five main subjects: Web Development, Programming, Data Science, Partnerships (such as designing skills for Amazon Alexa) and Design. Programming languages are listed above. There are many free content, but projects and quizes are reserved for premium subscribers only. You can choose from two different premium options: Codecademy Pro (monthly subcription for the 20$ monthly) or Codecademy Pro Intensive (200$ for timed-limited course with a rigorous curriculum) – details below.

Codecademy Pro options
Codecademy Pro options


Pros and cons:


  • Some content is free and ready to use,
  • You can execute code right in your browser,
  • Great interface with many useful features,
  • Attractive premium options,
  • Flat design of the side,
  • Badges and gamified course flow.


  • Possibilities are strongly limited if you don’t have premium account,
  • Premium accounts are quite pricey (in comparison with Coursera or Udemy)
  • Lacking any mobile app.


Codecademy can easily be a good alternative for private tutoring in coding. It has several, really well-cut courses suitable as well as for the beginners, as for more intermediate coders.

In one sentence:  I would recommend using Codecademy to learn to code from scratch.


What are your opinions on Codecademy? Did you know this service? Are you curious about the course’s content? Let me know down below or write me a message.

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