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DataCamp is an online service which offers R, Python, and SQL courses for data analysis. Courses are self-paced and usually one can take between 4 to 6 hours to complete (source).

What type of content is offered?

Lessons are divided in skill tracks and career tracks. There are three types of technologies that content is about:

  • SQL,
  • R,
  • Python.

Typical lesson consists of description of the exercise, instruction and built-in browser console.
DataCamp will be a good place to start your data science learning as well as a great place to advance your data skills: you can at first start learning Python or R at a free course, work on your basic statistics knowledge and later take your data science skills to the next levels with more advanced courses, tutorials or open courses. So it is definitely for beginners and for people aiming for the master level of data skills. Most of content is available only for premium users. As a free user you are able to attend only free courses and see the first chapter of premium courses.

DataCamp Pro offer
DataCamp Pro offer

Content on DataCamp is not limited only for courses. You can also participate in Practice Challenges (training skills, stimulating retention of knowledge or testing mastery) and Projects (learning how to apply data skills to real-world problems).

How to use it?

This post soon will be updated with links to my tutorials. Stay tuned.

Pros and cons:


  • Very intuitive service with refreshing design,
  • Courses about one of the most anticipated future topics – big data and science data
  • You can attend some of courses for free,
  • Rich benefits for premium subscribers,
  • Built-in compiler suitable for web-browser,
  • Courses for beginners and experts,
  • Practice Challenges and Project for doers,
  • Apps for Android and iOs.


  • Premium account is a bit pricey,
  • Courses are time-consuming and are hard to follow for people who can study only several minutes daily,
  • Language support is very limited.


DataCamp is a great place for people interested in data science, analysing and processing data.

In one sentence:  I would recommend using DataCamp to start your data science adventure or to advance in it.

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