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Dawson’s Creek was one of the teen drama television series about a group of small-town friends during high school and college that aired from 1998 to 2003. The show hit Netflix this year and sparked the nostalgic joy in me as I watched all six seasons during one month. And then I thought of writing a post about the series. Are there any lessons from Dawson’s Creek? Can we learn something from the pack of high-school friends of Capeside High?

Small town – big dreams

The group of friends didn’t hesitate to reach for their dreams. Even though they lived in a small town nearby the lake, they pursued their dreams of becoming a filmmaker, a literature scientist, a chief, etc. They didn’t stop even though they could. But they didn’t. 

Sometimes the clown is the one

In „Dawson’s Creek,” romantic and friendly relationships were on edge almost all the time. But there was one character who is generally very well received among the viewers, and it’s Pacey. He is a class clown, very witty and intelligent, and I would call him a bit of an underachiever. Even though it’s doubtful, he became the love interest for Joey. It’s his kind and sympathetic character, which is the deal-breaker for Joey Potter. Maybe sometimes it’s worth seeing other people from some deeper perspective than only the surface?

Stand up for what you believe 

Sometimes characters of Dawson’s Creek behaved in a hazardous way, for example, when Pacey spitted in the face at his high school professor when he bullied his gay classmate. A very similar situation occurred when Joey recorded his father and set him up. Was it worth it? It is hard to say, but living in line with our own life value pays off close relationships and meaningful life. 

Look up for some guidance

Whether in the creative process or when it comes to hearts, the main characters asked other people for advice and guidance. Starting with Dawson, who started in a school sitting quietly auditing high school course and ended as a creative director of a show based on his own teenage experiences, or Joey, an excellent student, and later editor. They didn’t wait any minute to engage with their local authorities.

Be straightforward about what you want

Most misunderstandings in the plot were connected to expressing own private feelings or being afraid of others’ reactions. Being more open with each other would enable those people in more fulfilling relationships and thriving.

Sad face of the main character of Dawson's Creek - Dawson Leary.
Crying Dawson Meme

Friendship and love for learning 

I was pleasantly surprised that most characters of this show really liked to learn. My personal thing is that I am a son of two teachers, and I always loved school. In high school, I discovered that learning together gives me more fun than doing it alone. And I remember that the Capeside High friends liked to do this at well. Do you?

Be the main character in your own show

The show title is taken after the main character, Dawson. But is he the most exciting character on the show? Well, it depends on who is judging. I think that this show could be titled Joey’s Boat or Percy’s Agony? What would be the title of your tv series?

Don’t wait for good things to come

Paula’s theme song, „I don’t want to wait,” is the series’s iconic message. „I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over.” Live now, enjoy your life while it lasts. In other words – carpe diem. That’s quite a nice message, and overall there are many plots I would change in the series, but this one is clear. Live large and live now.

Collage based on Daria Shevtsova photo from Pexels, special thanks to my sister Magda who helped me with editing and reshaping this text

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