edX is a provider of online courses. Service is provided by the nonprofit organization and runs on the free open-source platform. As for now (January 2018) edX offers over 1800 courses and 110 programs. All of them are available for free. Only the certification is paid (prices usually range between 50$ and 300$).

What type of content is offered?

Similar to the Coursera.org content is delivered by educational partners such as universities and other organizations. Content is divided in 30 different cattegories:

  • Courses (50-300$)

A single course is open for everyone (only a certification is paid).

  • Programs

There are 3 types of programs on edX: XSeries Programs, MicroMasters Programs and Professional Certificate Programs. XSeries program offers an XSeries certificate after earning a verified certificate for all of the courses in the program. MicroMasters programs are a series of graduate level courses that can be taken for credit in a specific career field. After earning a MicroMasters certificate, it is possible to apply to a university that offers credit for those MicroMasters courses. Professional Certificate programs are a series of career-oriented courses that teach critical skills in specific professional fields.

How to use it?

This post soon will be updated with links to my tutorials. Stay tuned.

Pros and cons:


  • Content is created only by the highest class specialists connected with educational institutes,
  • Large and well-developed student’s manual,
  • You can attend every course for free,
  • You can participate in various educational programs,
  • Shareable certificates,
  • Financial aid available if needed,
  • Free and open-source platform,
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android (where you can download courses and learn offline).


  • Certificates can be expensive,
  • Language support is quite limited and depends on community,
  • A bit archaic design of the site itself.


Team of edX has developed a wonderful, open-source learning environment, which has been adjusted and used by some universities. However, the main site still works as a MOOCs distribution center and it has successfully gathered remarkable content with cooperation with e.g. Microsoft or Harvard University.

In one sentence:  I would recommend using edX to take part in high quality university courses.

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