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In my previous post, I gave some tips on how to find a good online course. I know that finding a reliable source of knowledge can be hard. I want to list all services, pages, apps, and other educational materials that I know in this article.
This list opens dozens of new possibilities for you, and I hope that it will help you find a perfect solution for yourself. If you know some other services, let me know via contact form.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

Name Prices Certificate Free App
Udemy 0$-200$ Yes Some content Yes
Coursera 0$-10 000$ Yes Yes
(w/o certificate)
Khan Academy 0$ No Yes Yes
Skillshare 15$-99$ No No Yes
Academic Earth 0$ Yes Yes No
EdX 0$-1500$ Yes Yes
(w/o certificate)
FutureLearn 0$-200$ Yes Yes
(w/o certificate)
Udacity 0$-200$ Yes Some content Yes
Alison 0€-165€ Yes Yes Yes
Stanford Online 3000$+ Yes No No
Harvard Online Learning 0$ Yes Yes No
HBX by Harvard Business School 1500$+ Yes No No
Yale Open Courses 0$ No Yes No
MIT OpenCourseWare 0$ No Yes No
Xuetangx 0$ Yes Yes Yes
Kadenze 0$-600$+ Yes Some Content No
Canvas 0$ No Yes No
O’Reilly 49$+ Yes No Yes
Domestika 9$+ Yes No Yes
Pluralsight 29$-449$ Yes No No
Fun Mooc FR
[Language: FR]
0$ Yes Yes No
[Language: IT]
0$ Yes Yes No
Hubspot Academy No data Yes No No
OpenClassroom 0€-300€ Yes Yes
(w/o certificate)
Oxford Online Courses 300€+ Yes No No
Masterclass 90$-180$ Yes No Yes

Learning how to code

Name Prices Free iOS Android
Codecademy 0$-199$ Some content Yes Yes
Code.org 0$ Yes No No
freeCodeCamp.org 0$ Yes No No
Educative 0$-59$ Some content No No
Dataquest 0$-49$/m Some content Yes Yes
Encode 5$+ No Yes Yes
DataCamp 0$-29$/m Some content Yes Yes
Solo Learn 0$ Yes Yes Yes
Mimo 8.99$/m+ No Yes Yes
Tynker 0$-99$ Some content Yes Yes
Programming Hub 0$-300$ Some Content No Yes
CodeHub 0$ Yes No Yes

Language Learning

Name Prices Free iOS Android
busuu 6,99$/m+ No Yes Yes
FluentU 10$/m+ No Yes Yes
italki 9$+ No Yes Yes
Mosalingua 0$ Yes Yes Yes
Knudge.me 0$ Yes No Yes
Elevate 0$-30$ Yes Yes No
OpenLanguage 14,99$/m+ No Yes Yes
Memrise 0$-50$ Yes Yes Yes
DuoLingo 0$-50$ Yes Yes Yes
Lingo Play 0$-50$ Yes Yes Yes
Rosetta Stone 54,99$+ No Yes Yes
Innovative Language Learning 9,99$/m+ Some content Yes Yes
Deutsche Welle
Deutsch Leren
0$ Yes Yes Yes
Learning English
0$ Yes Yes Yes
British Council 0$ Yes Yes Yes


Name Type Prices Free
iTunes U Podcasts 0$ Yes
TED-Ed Learning Resources 0$ Yes
P2PU Peer Learning 0$ Yes
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