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In my previous post, I gave some tips on how to find a good online course. I know that finding a reliable source of knowledge can be hard. I want to list all services, pages, apps, and other educational materials that I know in this article.
This list opens dozens of new possibilities for you, and I hope that it will help you find a perfect solution for yourself. If you know some other services, let me know in the comments section or through social media.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

Name Prices Certificate Free App
Udemy 0$-200$ Yes Some content Yes
Coursera 0$-10 000$ Yes Yes
(w/o certificate)
Khan Academy 0$ No Yes Yes
Academic Earth 0$ Yes Yes No
EdX 0$-1500$ Yes Yes
(w/o certificate)
FutureLearn 0$-200$ Yes Yes
(w/o certificate)
Udacity 0$-200$ Yes Some content Yes
Alison 0€-165€ Yes Yes Yes
Stanford Online 3000$+ Yes No No
Harvard Online Learning 0$ Yes Yes No
HBX by Harvard Business School 1500$+ Yes No No
Yale Open Courses 0$ No Yes No
MIT OpenCourseWare 0$ No Yes No
Xuetangx 0$ Yes Yes Yes
Kadenze 0$-600$+ Yes Some Content No
Canvas 0$ No Yes No
O’Reilly 49$+ Yes No Yes
Domestika 9$+ Yes No Yes
Pluralsight 29$-449$ Yes No No
Fun Mooc FR
[Language: FR]
0$ Yes Yes No
[Language: IT]
0$ Yes Yes No
Hubspot Academy No data Yes No No
OpenClassroom 0€-300€ Yes Yes
(w/o certificate)
Oxford Online Courses 300€+ Yes No No
Masterclass 90$-180$ Yes No Yes

Learning how to code

Name Prices Free iOS Android
Codecademy 0$-199$ Some content Yes Yes
Code.org 0$ Yes No No
freeCodeCamp.org 0$ Yes No No
Educative 0$-59$ Some content No No
Dataquest 0$-49$/m Some content Yes Yes
Encode 5$+ No Yes Yes
DataCamp 0$-29$/m Some content Yes Yes
Solo Learn 0$ Yes Yes Yes
Mimo 8.99$/m+ No Yes Yes
Tynker 0$-99$ Some content Yes Yes
Programming Hub 0$-300$ Some Content No Yes
CodeHub 0$ Yes No Yes

Language Learning

Name Prices Free iOS Android
busuu 6,99$/m+ No Yes Yes
FluentU 10$/m+ No Yes Yes
italki 9$+ No Yes Yes
Mosalingua 0$ Yes Yes Yes
Knudge.me 0$ Yes No Yes
Elevate 0$-30$ Yes Yes No
OpenLanguage 14,99$/m+ No Yes Yes
Memrise 0$-50$ Yes Yes Yes
DuoLingo 0$-50$ Yes Yes Yes
Rosetta Stone 54,99$+ No Yes Yes
Innovative Language Learning 9,99$/m+ Some content Yes Yes
Deutsche Welle
Deutsch Leren
0$ Yes Yes Yes
Learning English
0$ Yes Yes Yes
British Council 0$ Yes Yes Yes


Name Type Prices Free
iTunes U Podcasts 0$ Yes
TED-Ed Learning Resources 0$ Yes
P2PU Peer Learning 0$ Yes
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