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What can we learn from Sense8 creators?

Have you ever thought that you can learn something from binge watching a Netflix show? Neither have I.

I’m right after watching the final episode of Sense8* – a Netflix show created by The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski. It tells a story of eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked (“sensates”). The show resonated very loudly – especially after Netflix decided to cancel the series and extremely dedicated fandom (which as you can see I’m part of) moved heaven and earth to bring show back to life.

The journey continues May 5. #Sense8

Post udostępniony przez Sense8 (@sense8)

Though I could talk about this show for hours, in this post I want to focus on another aspect – what lessons are there in Sense8 for creators and designers – or even broader – for human-beings? What tips for creating are hidden behind the beautiful scenes from this extraordinary show?


Showrunners created a piece which is extremely relatable. Literally everyone can relate to at least some character’s traits. Relatibility is known as a crucial factor in storytelling and as a creators we should pay special attention to ability to refer to some part.


Sense8 tells a story of people’s similarity and ability to connect. Show is very democratic and tells a story of people like us. Relatibility in this story is a main factor that brought people from all over the world together.


With equality part being said there is some other aspect – diversity. Sense8 tells a story of human (ok – maybe superhuman) connection between people who don’t have much in common – at least at the first sight. In this series characters come from all around the world but understands each other well.
Spoiler alert – even though we are so different, still we are very similar.

One of the greatest quote in the series:
Who am I?
Do you mean where I'm from?
What I one day might become?
What I do?
What I've done?
What I dream?
Do you mean ... what you see or what I've seen?
What I fear or what I dream?
Do you mean who I love?
Do you mean who I've lost?
Who am I?
I guess who I am is exactly the same as who you are.
Not better than, not less than.
Because there is no one who has been or will ever be exactly the same as either you or me.


Fascinating, witty writing and breathtaking captures of world’s most beautiful landscapes are the complete package. Balance between form and content should always be the creator’s goal.
Captivating storytelling and photos in this series left me wanting more – after watching I searched for more pictures and videos from series’ location. Well done!


The final episode was made on fans demand and for them. Creating somethings that’s that absorbing is a masterpiece. However, one thing is sure – creators never forgot who are they creating for – they kept it in their minds and followed it until the end.


In this brief post about one of my favourite’s tv shows I tried to tackle a couple of features that in my opinion are part of the perfect piece of work. But does it mean that those features describe every perfect piece? Not necessarily. Inspiration often comes from within and Sense8 is a perfect medium which connects, leaves you wanting more and plucks at your heartstrings.
Should you watch it? Absolutely.

What inspires you and what kind of art work should be a role model? Share your thoughts in comment section, on Facebook and in a private messages.

*Wrote it some time ago.

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