Udemy.com is an online learning platform aimed at profesional adults. Udemy works like an online courses marketplace – anyone who creates courses can offer it there, either for a charge or pro bono. As for 2017 there are approx. 55 thousands of courses there and the service is offered in 14 different languages. The price range is between 0$ and 100$ (it’s the highest price I’ve ever seen, but it’s possible that more expensive courses are offered).

What type of courses are offered?

On Udemy you can browse the courses from 15 different categories. The choice is really broad – from extremely popular coding courses, through music instrument lessons till high school test preparation. The whole content is community-based, it is not reviewed nor confirmed by the service. Courses are usually not associated with any educational institution.

Udemy categories

How to use it?

This post soon will be updated with links to my tutorials. Stay tuned.

Pros and cons:


  • Probably the broadest choice of online courses in the Internet,
  • Some courses are free to take,
  • Relatively cheap,
  • Easy to use, well done UX,
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android (where you can download courses and learn offline).


  • No financial aid for the course’s attendee’s,
  • Some courses are quite expensive and discount codes won’t work on them,
  • Some really low quality courses.


As for now, Udemy is the most popular MOOC service. There are some outstanding content that is not available other university-inspired websites, but from the other hand there are no university-certified, veryfied courses. Most courses are paid but usually the prices are much cheaper than in other sevices. Here you can find facebook groups where new free courses are listed and sometimes some really nice discounts are published.

In one sentence:  I would recommend using Udemy to develop your hobbies and soft skills.

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