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About the author – Marek Bitner

Where am I?
At starters, thank you for the visit. You are on Marek Bitner’s webpage. This site is dedicated to content I made and recommend. I publish posts mostly about education, technology in service of well-being and related topics.

Who are you?

The photo of Marek Bitner
Marek Bitner

My name is Marek Bitner and I am a tech-savvy educational psychologist. I just started my forth year of working in IT industry. Currently working as a system analyst. I am interested in usability in technology, well-being and learning.  Always paying attention to usability, user experience and good design of products I use. If you find any issues on my page, do not hesitate to report that to me (including spelling errors!).

How can we stay in touch?
I strongly recommend my Facebook page – it would make easier to stay in touch. If you are interested in writing an e-mail message, go to contact.

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