Another month is almost over, and your plans for ruling the world don’t work out as you planned? I know that feeling. There is nothing wrong with being lazy, but here are a couple of ideas if you want to take up some plans and start a new hobby. What can you start in just one month?

Healthy Hobby – Get Sporty!

I may not be the best person to tell you about it (since I exercise casually and constantly tell myself it’s going to change), but 30 days is enough to start doing some fantastic exercises regularly. There are plenty of 30-day sport/exercise programs that you can find all over the web – for example, DAREBEE.

I recommend choosing something relatively light, especially if you are a couch potato and classical DIY training. It’s always better to get a piece of advice from someone who knows anything about health and sport – if you have a chance to do so, then don’t wait too long. Remember to be kind to yourself during the whole process.

Smart Hobby – Start Learning A New Language

Can learning a new language transform into a new passion? Sounds like a plan. The last name of this section was “Gaining an A1 level in a new language”, but after some research, I discovered it doesn’t work like that (or you would have to learn for hours every single day to achieve it).

The best way to start this adventure is stationery or an online language course with a tutor who controls your progress.

Learn How To Cook – A Tasty Hobby

If you are constantly eating out or buying ready-cooked meals, it’s a sign to level up your cooking skills. In 30 days, you can learn from scratch or hone your skills in the kitchen. 

Becoming a better cook will surely be a budgetary relief, and you will be able to spend your money in some other equally satisfactory way.

Learning how to cook will also allow you to eat healthier and cheaper, become more popular, find the love of your life… The list goes on and on. 

Here are some articles for inspiration:

Start A Positive Intervention

It’s time to get a bit psychological. The science of wellbeing is developing in real-time, but it is still not that popular. Positive intervention is a mental exercise that you can do to increase your well-being. 

There are at least a few ways to affect your wellbeing with intentional actions listed in S. Lyubomirsky’s book “The How of Happiness”:

  • Practising gratitude and positive thinking
  • Investing in social connections
  • Managing stress, hardship and trauma
  • Living in the present
  • Committing to your goals
  • Taking care of your body and your soul

I strongly recommend reading this book, because it’s well written and it generally contains interesting knowledge. Below you can see a live lecture of Sonya:

If you are interested in the science of happiness, you can also sign up for an online course – The Science of Wellbeing on Coursera.

Try A Minimalist Living

This is one of the most challenging options. This 30-day challenge tests you on many levels, but it’s something worth trying. During 30 days, you’ll get to:

  • Declutter your digital life,
  • Meditate for 15 minutes,
  • Learn to enjoy solitude.

The list goes on and on – check here the 30-day Minimalist challenge, and if you want to dive deeper into this topic, check out the contact made by The Minimalists (Netflix movie, podcasts, and books – they do it well).


To sum up: Well, this list is a nice firestarter if you are seeking ideas for something new. Of course, most probably, you won’t be speaking fluently in a new language, and it won’t be easy to transform from a couch potato into a man of steel. But this journey has to start somewhere, right?

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